Jean J. Barry, MD | Laboratory Testing
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Laboratory Testing

Deva Health, PLLC works with several different laboratories, including Quest Diagnostics, Labcorp, Genova Diagnostics, IgeneX, Boston Heart Diagnostics and regional hospitals.  Labs are processed through insurance whenever possible, but reimbursement from insurance companies can vary based on your plan and the specific test(s) ordered.

Functional medicine testing may include food sensitivity tests, gut microbiota evaluation, genetic testing as well as specialty testing for tickborne diseases and gluten sensitivity.

Examples of tests used in functional medicine:

Tick Borne Diseases

Bowel Function & Gut Microbiota

IgG Food Sensitivity

Heavy Metals & Environmental Exposures

Nutritional Evaluation & Micronutrient Testing

Nutrigenomic Testing for Weight Loss, Healthy Aging & Peak Athletic Performance

Hormone Profiles

Organic Acids Testing

Genomic Profiles

Methylation & Detox Pathways

Intestinal Barrier Function (with Histamine & DAO)

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