Jean J. Barry, MD | What Is Functional Medicine?
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What Is Functional Medicine?


Functional Medicine is a new way of practicing medicine, which emphasizes treatment of the root cause of a disease process.  It is a return to thoughtful, personalized medicine, which takes the entire patient into consideration and allows for patient and doctor to develop a trusting relationship in order to devise a treatment plan as a team.  Over the past 30+ years, medicine has become increasingly rushed, doctors are forced to shorten visits and they barely know the patients they are treating.  Functional medicine is a kind of “slow medicine” in which time, care and high quality medicine prevail. Both patients and doctors benefit from this shift to a more common sense approach, which emphasizes preventive care and optimal health.  Some refer to this type of medicine as Wholistic, Holistic, Alternative, Eastern, but this is not exactly correct.  Functional medicine utilizes the best of modern Western medicine and combines it with other approaches to healing (such as naturopathic, Eastern, herbal, etc.).

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